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top: The poor man’s performance analyzer

hunchentoot logoFor the sake of the future of all mankind, I wrote a tiny web server for proving that Hunchentoot works with certain system specs. “doeshunchentootwork” is only 77 lines long, serves a singe page and its favicon, and the application is compiled, not interpreted. So why does top show it using so many CPU cycles?

Daemonization may have been a bad idea, at least this early in development. The process spends a lot of time… doing what exactly?

Since the app is only 77 lines long, debugging wasn’t that hard. Long story short, CL loads the program and quits, so I was using (loop) to keep the program running. I know, I know, terrible. (read) is a better choice, since it doesn’t waste CPU by looping but merely blocks for command line input that will never arrive to a daemonized web server.

With the new code, top shows almost no activity for doeshunchentootwork unless someone is currently requesting the webpage. Whew! Now the resources can be wasted on other servers.