Google Redirect Virus Removal using ComboFix

redirect metaphorIf clicking on search results often yields spurious results, your computer is likely infected with a virus.


First, try:

  • Verifying that your DNS server is not set to a manual address for a fake DNS server.
  • Verifying that your browser is not using a proxy address for a fake proxy server.
  • Verifying that your nonplug-and-play device drivers does not include TDSServ.sys.
  • Scanning your computer for infections using Malware Bytes.
  • Restoring your master boot record using fixmbr (found on Windows installation CDs, as well as the third-party ms-sys package for Debian/Ubuntu).

If all of the above fail to remove the virus, try ComboFix. The user interface isn’t great; it restarts your computer three times without even a warning, but it did fix the problem for me.

One response to “Google Redirect Virus Removal using ComboFix

  1. Viral DNA can likewise be detected by PCR. The primers used need to be specific to the targeted sequences in the DNA of a virus, and the PCR can be used for diagnostic analyses or DNA sequencing of the viral genome. The high sensitivity of PCR permits virus detection soon after infection and even before the onset of disease. Such early detection may give physicians a significant lead in treatment. The amount of virus (” viral load “) in a patient can also be quantified by PCR-based DNA quantitation techniques (see below).

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